10 Breathtaking Engagement Rings For Every Budget

Stuller solitaireTraditional
This simple solitaire engagement ring is perfect for bride-to-be who doesn’t need a lot of bling to show off on that all-important ring finger. The style is what jewelers in the trade refer to as a cathedral setting, meaning the metal flourishes up and rises to meet the main stone at the base. The best part, this setting compliments any size or shape diamond and the sky’s the limit when it comes to a wedding band.

Ring: $415 (center stone not included), 14kt white gold, Stuller



Nothing says classic beauty like a delicate band of diamonds supporting one stunning single diamond. This ring keeps all of the attention on the diamond, without drawing too much attention away. It is the perfect ring for stacking — a thin diamond wedding band worn on the top and bottom of the ring does the trick when trying to achieve that “WOW” factor.

Ring: $900 (center stone not included), 14kt white gold, Stuller



Like most truly vintage pieces, the beauty of this ring is all in the details. The center stone is surrounded by small diamonds and sapphires set with tiny bands of metal. The sides of the ring are hand etched for that old-world appeal. This ring looks like a one-of-a-kind find without the estate price tag.

Ring: $1950 (center not included), platinum, Gabriel & Co.



ring_Coast rose
Rose Gold
Once forgotten as a metal of the past, rose gold has made quite the comeback in recent years. Rose gold first emerged onto the jewelry scene during the 19th century from Russia. Russian jewelers created the new shade of gold by mixing copper into their alloy mixture. What resulted was a soft and feminine version of gold that merely “blushed” against the backdrop of colorful gemstones and diamonds. This engagement ring style will no doubt leave the wearer blushing for years to come.

Ring: $1750 (center not included), 14kt white gold, Coast Diamond



The halo ring draws its style inspiration from the vintage rings of yesteryear. The style is often favored by celebrities and fashionistas alike – it offers the perfect mixture of couture and elegance. This ring looks great with virtually every shape center diamond and looks equally as beautiful with a colored gemstone as the focus. It is ideal for those who want a big look for less – whatever size stone that is set in the center will look up to a half size larger than if it was set alone.

Ring: $2015 (center not included), 14kt white gold, Gabriel & Co.


Floral Inspired
Is there anything more romantic than receiving a bouquet of flowers from your significant other? How about a floral-styled engagement ring? This ring features diamonds intricately set on blossoming petals of 18kt white gold. The center stone appears as the bud in the center. Looking for a way to make this ring even more unusual? Consider a canary diamond center for a big impact!

Ring: $3950 (center not included), 18kt white gold, Parade



Princess Cut
A relatively modern cut, the princess cut was first introduced in the 1960’s. It’s key features include a modern, clean styling while emitting similar brilliance to that of the popular round shape. Princess cut diamonds are also priced a bit less than their round counterparts, which make for an excellent choice for a couple on a budget. The options are endless when choosing a setting for this clean cut sparkler.

Ring: $2750 (center not included), 18kt white gold, Natalie K



Sapphires have long been considered symbols of trust and loyalty, which is what allowed them to be the choice stone for engagement rings for centuries. In fact, the most famous royal blue engagement ring in modern history belongs to Duchess Kate Middleton, previously owned by Princess Diana of Cambridge. A sapphire’s hardness falls at a 9 (out of 10) on the Mohs Hardness scale which makes it a hardy choice for everyday wear.

Ring: $2375 (center not included), 18kt white gold, Parade



If you are a non-traditional bride searching for an engagement ring that is not like the rest, this one is nothing like you have ever seen. With not one, but two prominent diamonds, it beautifully symbolizes the union of two people. Go really bold and substitute the diamonds for your birthstones. Make this ring as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Ring: $5600 (center not included), 14kt white gold, Stuller



Big Bling
Some brides want a ring that makes a BIG impact. This statement ring by A. JAFFE certainly fits the bill. Intricately set diamonds surround an equally impressive emerald cut center stone for a glamorous look. Not fond of emerald cuts? The company will adapt the setting for any shape center stone.

Ring: $7560 (center not included), 18kt white gold, A. Jaffe



Weddings by Werkheiser

Here at Werkheiser Jewelers, we know weddings… wedding jewelry that is!

We love to create those special pieces of jewelry that will last for a lifetime! Recently, we had a newly married couple send us some pictures from their gorgeous wedding abroad. We custom designed the bride’s engagement ring and also helped the couple with the creation of matching wedding bands.

Here are the pictures sent to us by  Sara & Andrej. Congratulations!

branc ring sidebranc ring top