Bethlehem Star Collection

The Makings of a Star

According to legend, this star led the Three Wise Men from far and wide to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ. This symbol carries onto today for many as a representation of guidance and faith. Devout Christians of the Moravian Church originated the design of the star and over time, it became popularly used as a decoration during the Christmas season.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, also known as “Christmas City,” is a well-known tourist destination and was originally settled by Moravians in 1741. Our city has a rich industrial (once the home of Bethlehem Steel) and cultural heritage and we wanted to capture this spirit in a way that can be admired all year long.

The Collection


Our Bethlehem Star jewelry collection is designed and handcrafted in-house by our jeweler, Kris Franzese. These pieces are made with high-quality precious metals (sterling silver or 14kt yellow gold) and are designed to last for years to come! In addition to the styles shown here, we also offer other pieces within this collection that can be created upon request.